The beatmachine can be connected with a custom made ddp-server. With this server you will be able to create beats with others around the world, or just people connected to you own machine.

The connectivty contains the next parts:

  • Controls: Controls of the connectivity
  • Settings: Control the length and speed of the sequence



Connect button
Connect to the server
Settings button
Toggle the connectivity settings panel
Connected led
When green the BeatMachine is connected to the server
Send led
Turns blue when sending data to the server
Receive led
Turns red when receiving data from the server. This turns red after you did send data yourself, or someone else connected to the server made changes



The url of the server you want to connect to.

The url entered here needs to be a full url incl protocol (ws:// or wss://) and the port number if neede by the server

Connect button
Closes the current connection (if needed) and connects with the server entered.